Education that Bridge Life Skills from Childhood to Adulthood.

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What we do as IBGA?

Inspiring the young generation to discover and refine their hidden gem through life skills board gaming.

We Envision a World where every child is given the Opportunity to Discover their Full Potential…

…through rapid development of their cognitive and interpersonal skills. We strive to achieve this in a fun and engaging way through Euro board gaming. We prioritize the development of strong values, consideration and sense of responsibility towards others.

Our Enrichment Classes go beyond the boundaries of Traditional Classroom Teaching.

At the board game table, we encourage children to explore and develop critical thinking skills. With face-to-face interaction among their peer groups, we empower them to become problem solvers, creative thinkers and empathetic individuals who can adapt well and thrive in an ever-changing world.

Our Education Model

A Proven Method Refined Over 10 Years, Aligned with MOE’s Pedagogy

Interest Creation

In our commitment to creating an enjoyable learning environment for your child, we prioritise their interests and aim to inspire them through a wide range of engaging thematic games.

Strategy of Winning

Through diverse game mechanics, your child is groomed with a critical thinking mindset to explore a spectrum of winning strategies that extend beyond the game itself, benefiting their academic and future pursuits.

Active Introspection

We promote active listening and self-reflection as a means for your child to comprehend and navigate their inner world. This approach fosters increased confidence and resilience in them.

Effective Communication

We nurture your child’s ability to communicate with confidence and mindfulness, fostering a positive and collaborative experience with their peers while helping them effectively navigate and manage their relationships.

Play Therapy

At IBGA’s Play Therapy, children embark on a transformative journey, honing emotional regulation, problem-solving, and social skills through engaging and personalized sessions, fostering resilience and holistic development. Join us in unlocking the potential for emotional wellness and growth in every child.

The Advantage of Starting Young

Commencing your child’s journey at an early age confers the essential groundwork for heightened awareness of their surroundings, language, and behavior. This establishes a robust cognitive foundation, enabling them to adeptly tackle challenges and find solutions.

What IBGA Offers

Professional Coaching

Starting From


Usual Price: $430

In this package, we provide professional coaching on a per Term Basis. The benefits are;

✓ Pay a term, join at any available Saturday Slots

✓ Expose to more than 5 different game mechanics

✓ Thought process behind game mechanics

✓ Term Assessment to facilitate learning progress

✓ Application on respect and communication

✓ Application on leadership and problem solving

✓ Self-Introspection Facilitation

✓ Minimum Class Size: 4 Students

✓ Located @Bedok

Board Game Party

Starting From


Weekend ++$150

Organise an enjoyable and enlightening get-together for the special ones!

✓ 2 Hours session

✓ Up to 12 Children

✓ Parents join for Free

✓ Award Winning Board Games

Group Coaching Workshop

Starting From


Usual Price: $3,000

In this package, we provide Ten Sessions of professional coaching per Term. The benefits are;

✓ Thought process behind game mechanics

✓ Term Assessment to facilitate learning progress

✓ Application on leadership and problem solving

✓ Self-Introspection Facilitation

IBGA’s Core Team.

Our Core Team were once students of our Senior Coach, David Tan 😀

Find Out How Your Child Can Benefit from our Program

Our Space

Partnering with Edventure @ Bedok


Travel Instructions

Alight at Kembangan MRT, take any bus except 26 and alight after 2 stops when you see Decathlon or Burger King.

Address: 750 Chai Chee Rd, #01-14/14A
ESR BizPark @ Chai Chee @Edventure


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